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The Nikola project is in accordance with the General Urban Development Plan of the Town of Šibenik (GUDP) and all the licenses required for the implementation have been obtained. The investor can have confidence that the process will run smoothly and easily in an otherwise slowly operating and complicated bureaucratic system.

This is a list of key advantage facts for investors:

  1. Nikola is the largest premium urban revitalization project in the Adriatic
  2. It is a project relying solely on private equity, not debt- ridden
  3. The development studies are completed and in “ready to build” phase
  4. It is rooted in the local culture and heritage, and created for the modern consumer
  5. Internationally renowned architect Nikola Bašić is a chief creative force behind the project
  6. The investor has obtained all the licenses required for the construction
  7. The Town of Šibenik supports the project
  8. Croatia is an EU member, so the project is within the framework of the EU legal system
  9. The positive image of Croatia as a geopolitically safe and beautiful country with pristine water, fresh air and healthy food
  10. Croatia as a key tourism destination in the Mediterranean region.

Nikola is located in the beautiful, unique coastal area where your senses will be nourished by the sunbathed and mild Mediterranean climate, by peacefulness, pristine environment, clean water and fresh marine air.

In the most indented part of the Adriatic coastline, you will enjoy the vicinity of as many as 249 islands in the Šibenik Archipelago. The Kornati Islands, west of Šibenik, consist of 150 islands and islets covering the area of 320 km².

There you will also enjoy the rich cultural heritage of the region, with two UNESCO sites included in the World Heritage List: St. Nicholas’ Fortress on the Islet of Ljuljevac, a marine military stronghold from the 16th century, and the Cathedral of St. James, an architectural masterpiece merging Gothic and Renaissance features.

The overall project implementation will be in strict compliance with the interests of the local community, as well as in full conformity with very rigorous environmental guidelines of the Croatian Government.

Nikola will be situated on a specific piece of land, the most valuable parts of which have already been utilized by recent construction developments, and thus its true potential will lie in successful reconversion of the area.

The primary natural properties of this area – terra verginae – will remain protected and preserved for the future, which is in the national interest and in the interest of all.

These facts considered, one can rest assured that this great architectural and innovative project in the sensitive coastal area will in no way be in conflict with the extant natural and cultural values or implemented contrary to the interest of the local and wider community.

The Šibenik Bay Area and the Town of Šibenik represent new hot investment zones. Numerous projects in this region clearly suggest that Nikola sits in the midst of a lively investment area, keeping up the momentum of a stunning development.

Let us take a look at some of the most significant and large-scale forthcoming projects:

  • Rehabilitation of St. John’s Fortress from the 17th century, which overlooks Šibenik’s old town center
  • Center for New Technologies and Entrepreneurship Trokut: a multifunctional 2-story building of 2 084 m², with 28 functional units for startups, education and innovation labs
  • Construction of the new Palacin University and Campus
  • Rehabilitation of Šibenik’s main town square, Poljana
  • Construction of the new solar collector system for the area of the Town of Šibenik
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of cycling lanes and observation decks with phenomenal views over the town area and over the whole Bay
  • Rehabilitation and upgrading of the multifunctional conference hall in the town center
  • Adriatic Business Center project – a business incubator for startups
  • Šibenik Hospital investment project
  • Construction of the new Nautical Club premises
  • Agricultural investments
  • Investments in Podi Entrepreneurial and Manufacturing Zone

Croatia is successfully turning away from mass tourism development towards premium tourist contents and experiences. In addition to unique natural beauties of Croatia – there are as many as 1244 islands – Croatian economy strongly relies on tourism, which accounts for a high 15% share in the national GDP. Moreover, this increasingly upward trend is accompanied by the constant growth in tourism investments developing more advanced know-how in custom-made and premium hospitality, as well as a more strategic approach to the tourism offer development.

Here are the key investment advantages for Croatia:

  1. Croatia has a booming economy, with positive travel industry trends, and economic trends in general.
  2. Croatia is in the euro area, but unexposed to euro currency, and thus safeguarded from potential fiscal instability.
  3. Nikola offers excellent infrastructure and connections with Europe: it is situated in close vicinity of two airports within the radius of 70 km (within a 2.5 hour flight from all major European cities: London, Berlin, Vienna, etc.). By car, Nikola is only 20 kilometers away from the major state highway Dalmatina which connects Šibenik with other parts of Croatia and with major European roads and highways.
  4. Croatia is a destination that continues to attract a growing number of investors year after year, who recognize its potentials and appreciate its geopolitical stability as well as the safety of its territory.
  5. Croatia is a country with very high environmental standards. The overall project implementation will be in strict compliance with the interests of the local community, as well as in full conformity with very rigorous environmental guidelines of the Croatian Government.

The feasibility shows the following data:

  1. 650 000 m² of land
  2. 10 years of development so far
  3. 320 000 m² of building area
  4. 250 000 m³ of construction
  5. 46 200 m² of construction area in the Bay
  6. 15 900 m² of construction area in front of the Bay
  7. 156 500 m² of construction area around the lake
  8. 140 800 m² of the greenery + 28 400 m2 of St. Nicholas’ Park
  9. capacity for around 3 500 permanent residents and 3 500 visitors
  10. 420 keys in 4 hotels + 45 keys in the campus and the hostel
  11. more than 1 000 commercial units and 460 hotel units
  12. more than 150 moorings

CHR EKO-PROJEKT SA was founded in February 2007 and is audited by Ernst & Young. It strategically manages NIKOLA from Switzerland with a fully operational structure in Šibenik, Croatia: CHR EKO-PROJEKT d.o.o. (Ltd.) which has purchased directly and via its subsidiaries the prime real estate coastline and obtained the urban planning authorization.

The leadership team from CHR Switzerland includes: Mr. Jean-Paul Uldry, Chairman, and Mr. Jerome Mariethoz, Executive Director. They are representing a small group of high-level developers and real estate professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the project development industry.

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