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Distinguished people

Distinguished people

Let us mention just some of the great men who left a lasting mark and enriched the history of Šibenik and of Croatia.

Faust Vrančić from the 16th century, a true homo universalis, an inventor whose ideas were implemented throughout Europe centuries after his demise. Some of his inventions were even assigned to great Leonardo da Vinci.

Ante Šupuk, who built the first hydroelectric power plant with alternating current in Europe in 1895.

It was put in operation only two days after the first one in the world – in Niagara Falls.

Dražen Petrović, a world-famous NBA player, who gained a cult status among the basketball fans.

These great people and their achievements show the guiding principle running throughout the proud history of Šibenik, the “red thread” of the future, of the original thought and reinvention of familiar concepts: in the philosophy of life, arts, culture and science alike.

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