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Rich heritage and architecture

Proud Past

How did it all start and where does the name Nikola come from?

From the days of St. Nicholas Tavelich – a Franciscan who lived in the 14th century and the first Croatian saint – up to the present day Šibenik has been a noble town always forward looking, always having an inextinguishable spark of love of creation, visionariness and age-defying beauty.

But there is another Nikola who left a permanent mark on Šibenik: Nicholas of Florence, known in Italian history of art under the name of Niccolò Di Giovanni Fiorentino. He was a Renaissance sculptor and architect, who built the Cathedral of St. Jacob together with George the Dalmatian, and who dedicated a major part of his life and creative work to Dalmatia and Šibenik.

In Šibenik, each street, house and corner, tells a tale of the rich town history, filled with ideas and spirit of visionary people who strongly influenced the local and the world culture, architecture, sports and science.

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