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Betina (Beach) Villas

Betina (Beach) Villas

Among the residential units communicating with the sea, there are several types classified according to the number of their dwellers: row houses, villas and condominiums.

The sets of villas offer tranquility, luxury and comfort. They include Betina Villas – named after a small town on the Island of Murter. These villas are designed in line with the traditional layout of houses in the surrounding island regions.

The style of Betina Villas design can be traditionally seen on the Island of Prvić or the Island of Murter, and hence these villas in the Nikola project replicate the traditional layout popular on these islands for generations.

One of the unique features is also their own private mooring in front of the house, as it was common for the residents of the islands in this region to have their private boats moored right in front of the house.

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