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Church & Citadel

Church & Citadel

The facilities that represent the urban nucleus of the Nikola project, a center of religious and social life in the area – the church and the Citadel – are situated at the end of the harbor, on the main town square.

Similarly to the traditional models of small coastal urban areas it is based on, Nikola is strongly focused on the community as well. And hence the church and the Citadel fit into its concept. The church represents a center of religious life, whereas the Citadel, a fortress-like structure, represents a center of social life. In the middle of the Citadel ensemble there is a square with thetraditional farmers’ and fish market, and a two-story facility called Nikolodeon(Nikola + odeon), a kind of a pendant to the town hall, also situated inside the Citadel.

Apart from the farmers’ and the fish market, there is a multitude of tiny craftsmen’s stores, services, and grocery stores, contributing vividness and colorfulness to the area. Everything takes place in the typical Mediterranean ambience close to the sea, brimming with chatter, colors and scents.

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