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Duplex Villas

Duplex Villas

The Duplex residential complex is located in the northern part of the project. It is not situated by the sea, but is strongly introvertly designed, focused on comfort and social interactions. The residential area farther from the sea lacks stimuli such as the sea view, but offers the first-rate comfort of living and working experience.

The Duplex residential complex consists of one-story and two-story apartments laid out according to the principle of two apartments per floor. The staircases are generously sized and exceed the purely utilitarian communication function, becoming spaces for social contacts and interaction. This area also provides the opportunity for the implementation of Program +. It can be used for various purposes, such as business premises, self-employment, tourism rentals, etc., and guarantees the autonomy of alternative programs,both in terms of access and their function.

The area is divided into 5 subsections, each of which has garages and storages in the basement. The total number of apartments is 160, the average area is 100 m2 for one-story apartments and 200 m2 for two-story apartments.

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