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Grozdovi Condominiums

Grozdovi Condominiums

Grozdovi (a Croatian word for clusters) are a set of apartments in contact with the lake in the Nikola project. They are condominiums branching finger-like towards the lake, with 8 clusters and 5 buildings per cluster, and a total of 240 apartments.

These apartments are designed within the Program+ concept, custom-made, fully flexible and adaptable to suit any requirements and needs of future customers. Therefore, the residential area can be decreased or increased, segregated or merged, following different case scenarios, and depending on whether the space will be used for living and renting, or for business and commercial purposes.

In accord with the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, the spaces are densely packed and extremely close to each other to achieve a true sense of the authentic Mediterranean community. They are nevertheless envisaged to be reinvented and redesigned: adapted and treated in different ways in accordance with the wishes and needs of customers.

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