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The building of the hostel / boarding school / hospitality school is located in the southern part of Nikola, closely communicating with the area of Zablaće.

It represents an important educational and tourist offer of Nikola, with a total capacity of 45 keys for the campus and the hostel. The educational and tourist character of these specific educational and accommodation providing facilities opens up the possibility for student exchanges throughout the year, as well as a possible connection with the Polytechnic of Šibenik. In the basement of the elongated floor plan, , there is a garage and service areas. The lobby with the reception desk is located in the central part of the ground floor. The kitchen and the canteen are in the west wing, whereas the lecture halls and classrooms occupy the east wing.

The floors above the ground floor house the accommodation units, and the attichas a fitness room with a swimming pool. The pedestrian access to the hostel is from the main street, but there is also a pedestrian connection with the settlement, on the opposite side of the plot.

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