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Hotel Soline

Hotel Soline

The Mala Solina Lake has a character of a closed waterbody. It does not communicate with the harbor and the sea, except for forced circulation water hydraulic requirements. The lake water is intended for swimming, water sports and, in general, for leisure activities of the tenants, the owners of properties surrounding the lake. The Soline Hotel is one of the two hotels at the lake in the Nikola project and is specific by its unique offer.

This hotel has a highly individualized character – it offers sporting and healthcare facilities and amenities. It has a salt pan with its own salt production. The salt therapy has a proven healing effect and is a valuable complement to the conventional healthcare offer. The soothing salt therapy is a natural and holistic approach to the treatment of adults and children as it is known to aid detoxification of the respiratory system, heal skin conditions, promote better breathing, sounder sleep and overall well-being.

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