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Mandrači Villas

Mandrači Villas

Mandrači Villas are designed in line with the traditional layout of the house in the surrounding island regions such as the Island of Prvić or the Island of Murter, and typically have their own private mooring in front of the house.

In fact, the name of Mandrači Villas derives from traditional jetties called mulići or mandrači, which according to traditional living habits used to provide their owners with their own private mooring.

Mandrači Villas represent a higher density concept of living in row houses, whereas Marina Villas stand for a more luxurious concept of living with interior courtyards, and spaces cascading slowly from their exterior to their interior.

Mandrači Villas overlook the harbor. Mandrači Villas include a total of 34 villas having average area of 300 m2. Marina Villas have 13 villas in total, the average area of which varies from 300 to 350 m².

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