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Marina Villas

Marina Villas

The Marina Villas are located on the sea shore in the middle of the harbor. They are designed by urban rules for the typology of row houses. They offer a possibility for creating alternative spaces upon personalized requests of the users. The variations of the basic unit in terms of its size and program variety to include both basic and alternative programs bring about a dynamic and picturesque Mediterranean environment. In this case, the abundant variety of compositional structures does not imitate the urban heritage, but is a direct result of unpredictable variations in line with program individualizations.

Thus, each unit is comprised of the basic program (the living wing, the sleeping wing), the accompanying program (open-air kitchen, a garage, a swimming pool, gardens, etc.); and the alternative program (office / studio / atelier, a separate room, a separate suit, a separate apartment).

The basic and accompanying programs represent the principal spaces of the house, which, by the buyer’s choice, can be expanded with the facilities from the optional program, which are, as a rule, autonomous, and accessed from a separate entrance.

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