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Shopping Center

Shopping Center

The shopping center, located in the southern part of Nikola, is one of the indispensable urban amenities in this project. Offering a rich variety, the shopping center contributes to the quality lifestyle of the Nikola project inhabitants and visitors.

The role of the shopping center is to be the main supply point for people in Nikola and Zablaće, and to some extent for the Solaris Tourist Complex as well. Trapezoidal in shape, and wrapped into a powerful envelope, it is opened up by means of porches on its front and back sides.

The wider front side communicates with the access square, and serves as the entrance to the building, whereas the narrow back side represents the commercial entrance.

The ground floor of the building houses the covered car park and a warehouse. The first floor, accessible by sloped moving walkways and elevators, comprises the shopping center shopping area, as well as catering facilities and other shops. The vehicular access is possible over the road running from Zablaće to the Nikola area.

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