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St. Nicholas’ park, walking promenade & cycling lanes

St. Nicholas’ park, walking promenade & cycling lanes

An important spatial component of the entire project is the greenery. The area includes a total of 8.82 ha public green areas. It is important to distinguish two fairly distinct zones: the zone of protected greenery and the park surfaces.

The zone of protected greenery is planned along the ring road encirculing the project, gliding into the cultivated and natural areas planned to be preserved.

The contact zone with St. Nicholas’ Fortress will be arranged as a park, with a pedestrian walkway, cycling lanes and recreation areas. Much the same as the Kalelarga constitutes a communication link with Zablaće at another end of the area, the big public park represents an equally strong link with the protected area.

The promenade and cycling lanes running to St. Nicholas’ Fortress represent a vital part of active lifestyle endorsed by the project.

The third level is plot landscaping and horticulture (residential areas, hotel, etc.). The plots are planned to be planted with a variety of indigenous plants, including tall trees and typical low aromatic Mediterranean plants.

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