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Marc Deschenaux

Marc Deschenaux

Position: CEO & CLO
Age: 57

Marc Deschenaux is a world expert in Corporate Finance from Private Offerings to Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s). He raised private and public equity and debt, for companies, internationally. He also financed various types of operations, from import/export transactions to Real Estate Investment Trusts and organized governments’ loans.

His specialization is corporate generalist legal and financial advisor with strong financing expertise and experience.

He provides preemptive legal support in French, Italian, English or German and focuses on securities law, trading law and intellectual property. He adds high premium on contract drafting and complex financing negotiation.

Marc Deschenaux was involved in Entertainment & Music Industry. In 1998, he founded the World Intellectual Property Securities Exchange Corporation (WIPSEC), the first exchange quoting a new generation of securities representing ownership of a patent, a trademark, a music work, a movie or a technology. For the first time, an investor could invest purely in artistic creation or in technology without worrying about management.

In this venture, he allied the two fields he was involved in and made one of his dreams come true: to help artists and inventors raise the funds they need to create, through a financial market investing purely in the implementation of an idea.

He sat on the Boards of Directors of more than fifty companies worldwide. He founded 48 companies, he sold 32 of them at a profit and only 7 failed.