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Distinguished people

Distinguished people

Faust Vrančić from the 16th century, a true homo universalis, an inventor whose ideas were implemented throughout Europe centuries after his demise. Some of his inventions were even assigned to great Leonardo da Vinci.


UNESCO sites

Šibenik is the only Croatian town with two sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Any traveler coming from the sea, when entering Šibenik through the Channel of St. Anthony, will be welcomed by majestic St. Nicholas’ Fortress, named in tribute to the town’s patron saint.

Proud Past

Rich heritage and architecture

From the days of St. Nicholas Tavelich – a Franciscan who lived in the 14th century and the first Croatian saint – up to the present day Šibenik has been a noble town always forward looking, always having an inextinguishable spark of love of creation, visionariness and age-defying beauty.

The local identity, global vision

The local identity, global vision

The healthy marine air, clean drinking water, healthy Mediterranean cuisine, the culture of enjoyment and glorification of life – Nikola perfectly fuses the local, authentic identity of the Croatian Adriatic and the Mediterranean, and the global vision following the most contemporary trends. Nikola is permeated by the sea, and represents remarkable ambience, having all the …

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Proud Future

Architect Nikola Bašić and his vision

The visionary behind the Nikola project, who created unique and harmonious equilibrium between the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle and state-of-the-art architectural solutions is Nikola Bašić, 71, a Croatian-born and world-famous architect and professor, a renowned expert with invaluable experience and achievements. Bašić has been a full member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts since …

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